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Log houses

Stylish, modern housing – this is a log house: it is made of eco-friendly material which creates comfort and healthy microclimate around.

Log bathhouses/saunas

Most times, timber is given preference in building of a traditional bathhouse despite diversity of modern building materials.

Log gazebos

Log gazebos decorate any patio. They are highly durable and easy to assemble. It can be a better place for privacy, as well as party making.


Motels / restaurants

Wooden motels and restaurants are extremely demanded. They are solid, highly durable and easy to construct. Also, they are cheap to maintain.


The building technology of a wooden church went through the centuries being safely retained, improved and used by us with special inspiration.

Other constructions

Timber is the best material for construction during all times. Its natural beauty gives an original appearance to any building.

Log house


What is “a log house”? Log houses are ancient and primitive itself. They require special attention while building. A log of such house is strictly processed by mechanical hand tools. Power tool and other machines are not used.

This technology allows to take into account every single knot of a log. In addition, hand cutting allows to save a good layer of sapwood which reduces the amount of wood being used in work, thus lowering the cost of timber.


Longer lifespan

The upper protective layer of a log remains untouched, thus providing natural protection of it.

High thermal insulation

Wood logs keep warm inside very well, because large diameter trunks are used only.

True beauty of nature

Beautiful and fresh wood. This is the reason why many people like log structures.

Quick construction

This kind of log house can be built in a short period of time. Also, it is easy to disassemble.

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We build on a turn-key basis

All the works and materials we execute on a turn-key basis.

High-quality raw material

We use only high-quality certified materials.

We have over 10 years of experience

Our builders are highly qualified and have many years of experience.

Projects of any difficulty

Whatever Your tastes, we are ready to make Your own projects become true.

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